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Educational technology workshops are are completely virtual, with a lot of contact with the instructor for a customized experience.

Upon confirmation of registration, participants will receive an invitation and reminder in Outlook, which will automatically place the workshop on your calendar. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to you closer to the workshop start date with further information.

Mission Softchalk

MISSION Softchalk is a step-by-step workshop to help you get started with using and implementing Softchalk. It lasts for 3 weeks and it is completely virtual with one synchronous introductory meeting. Looking to find out more about Softchalk? Check out: www.canisius.edu/softchalk

In Mission Softchalk, you will seek out ways in which you can wield Softchalk to amplify your online course content. Together, we will take risks, come up with ideas that have never been tried before, and find creative solutions. Join us.

GoToMeeting (GoToTraining, GoToWebinar)

The College has a whole suite of products to fit your Web conferencing needs. GoToMeeting allows you to meet instantly or schedule sessions with small groups or individuals. GoToWebinar allows you to present to large groups online with the options of running Q+A, polls, and surveys. GoToTraining allows you to train small groups and posts materials and tests online.

We offer several GoToMeeting trainings throughout the year. Please check the schedule above for our next training. You can find out more about the products here: www.canisius.edu/gotomeeting

*SMART Board User’s Group

The purpose of this group is to share ideas and learn new integration strategies for using the SMART Board in the classroom. If you don’t use a SMART Board but are interested in learning more, please feel free to attend. Each meeting a tip or trick for using SMART Boards will be shared.


Are You Smarter Than Your Notebook? – Introduction to SMART Notebook

Goal: Participants will understand the basic functions of a SMART Board.

Objectives: Participants will be able to….

  • download SMART Notebook
  • show how to align the SMART Board
  • navigate the toolbar, move it around
  • identify the basic buttons and their functions
  • learn how to customize the tools
  • understand the floating toolbar and how to hide it
  • use the recorder feature
  • review the tabs on the left and function of each
  • sort pages
  • add files, embedding files to include sound and video
  • access the gallery and types of templates, pictures, and activities found there
  • use pen/handwriting recognition
  • create several notebook pages
  • overview of advanced features of software

Are You Smarter Than Your Notebook? – Introduction to Galleries in SMART Notebook

Goal: Participants will understand how to search and use Gallery Essentials.

Objectives: Participants will be able to….

  • Resize the Gallery area
  • Understand the components of the Gallery and how to differentiate them
    • Pictures
    • Interactive and Multimedia
    • Notebook Files and Pages
    • Backgrounds and Themes
  • Use search and find applicable items
  • Drag in each type of item and resize
  • Discuss how you cannot unlock the page background image
    • How to remove a page or background (delete)
  • Complete a sample activity Froguts     

 Are You Smarter Than Your Notebook? -Introduction to Activity Builder in SMART Notebook

Goal: Participants will understand how to use the Activity Builder.

Objectives: Participants will be able to….

  • Understand the builder will allow you to create matching activities, sorting activities, labeling activities, as well as games
  • Create a matching Activity
    • Define an object as the activity object, then you define objects on the page to be accepted or rejected when you drag the objects over the activity object
    • Understand the steps to create the matching lesson, understand the puzzle piece to begin
  • Create a hide and show lesson
    • Understand how to move objects
    • Understand how to lock objects
    • Understand how to resize objects
    • Use object animation
    • Covering objects with other objects
    • Save the Notebook Lesson

 Are You Smarter Than Your Notebook? -Introduction to SMART Interactives

Goal: Participants will understand how to search and use Interactives and Multimedia within Notebook

Objectives: Participants will be able to….

  • Attach a video file, Flash file, and image with a sound file
  • Learn to recognize a flash file, video file, and sound file from the Gallery
  • Determine uses for the objects
  • Add sound to an image
  • Learn to use the Reveal Technique-hiding the answer to a question behind an object
    • Reveal Technique
      • Type question/answer
      • Draw a rectangle and fill it with color to hide the answer
      • Double-click the shape for the ability to add text-different color from rectangle
      • Type Move the box to reveal the answer
      • Move the shape and reveal
    • Erase and Reveal Technique
      • Same as above but rather than moving/eraser
    • Order and Reveal Technique
      • Create an object
      • Create a second, larger solid object
      • Move the second over the smaller first
  • Use the Screen Shade and Reveal Technique
    • Use the Screen Shade
  • Use the Identify and Label Technique
  • Use the Magic Pen, spotlight and zoom

Are You Smarter Than Your Notebook? Introduction to SMART Exchange

Goal: Participants will understand how to search and use SMART Exchange

Objectives: Participants will be able to….

  • Log on to the SMART Exchange (exchange.smarttech.com/#tab=0)
  • Join SMART Exchange
  • Discuss how to search the site
  • Talk about training resources which are available free
  • Search within Creating Engaging Lessons from training tab
  • Learn how to share a resource
  • Investigate the categories within Exchange
  • Talk about and practice how to download templates, lessons, etc. from the Exchange

Are You Smarter Than Your Notebook? Introduction to Structuring and Organizing a SMART Lesson

Goal: Participants will understand how to create a SMART Lesson

Objectives: Participants will be able to….

  • Use the Lesson Activity Toolkit
  • Understand how to modify the templates within Notebook software
  • Use Lesson Notes
  • Rename and group pages to create a lesson
  • Use links to link objects, external webpages, files, or other pages
  • Create and show links
  • Attach files and use the Internet Browser page to add Internet links
  • Learn about styles which can be added to lessons and use
    • Alignment
    • Themes
    • Tables
  • Practice pinning pages and using dual display, full screen
  • Learn to create pull tabs

Record Audio to Engage Learners

Goal: Participants will use Audacity for recording and editing sounds.

Objectives: Participants will be able to….

  • Use the Record button to record a file
  • Use the Pause button during recording or playback
  • Use the Stop button to Stop
  • Make sure the microphone is plugged in and ready to record
  • Recognize the audio track
  • Understand how to edit their audio track for mistakes like coughing, sneezing, etc.
    • Highlight the segment
    • Click on the delete key
    • Listen again to make sure you have edited the section
    • Learn to export the finished file as an MP3 (check to make sure the Lame Encoder is installed on the machine)
    • Learn to import Audio
    • Understand there are advanced features available
    • Review the menu items

Record Video to Engage Learners

Goal: Participants will use Screencast-o-matic or Jing to record video to use with students

Objectives: Participants will be able to….

  • Provide an overview of Screencast-o-matic to record video to use with students, can be down without a download, up to 15 minutes
    • Understand how to select the screen size
    • Understand how to use the computer or webcam to record video
    • Understand how to select the video settings
    • Understand the difference between MP4, AVI, FLV formats and how to save and publish
    • Understand how to post to YouTube or Screencast-o-matic
    • Understand how to add captions
    • Provide an overview of Jing to record video to use with students, must be downloaded, up to 5 minutes
      • Understand how to select the screen to be recorded
      • Understand how to check microphone settings
      • Understand how to start and stop
      • Understand you can post to Jing or render an swf file
      • Record a short video

Google Drive: What’s New with Presentations?

Goal: Participants will access Google Drive and Create a Presentation

Objectives: Participants will be able to….

  • Log on to Google Drive
  • Create a Presentation
    • Choose a Theme
    • Review menu bar
    • Review Toolbar
    • Recognize features of Presentation
      • Add an image
      • Add a shape
      • Layer content
      • Animate content
      • Add transition
      • Add speaker notes
      • Use presentation mode

Prezi: What’s New with Presentations?

Goal: Participants will access Prezi and sign up for an account

Objectives: Participants will be able to….

  • Log on to Prezi
  • Create a Presentation
    • Give the Prezi a Title
    • Determine if you intend to use a template
    • Fill in required components of the template
    • Recognize features of Prezi
      • Add an image (from Google or computer)
      • Add a shape
      • Add a YouTube video
      • Add a file
      • Add a layout to include timeline, cycle, etc.
      • Add a frame-select type
      • Edit path and animation
      • Review new Prezi tools
        • Recognize you have a choice for new or old
        • Direct to New Feature Log to include screen blackout, 3D backgrounds, aspect ratio guide, spell check, PowerPoint Import, grouping, cropping, drag and drop
        • Practice the presentation

Google Earth: Let’s Go Exploring

Goal: Participants will access Google Earth

Objectives: Participants will be able to….

  • Navigate in Google Earth
    • Use Zoom features
    • Discuss how to move the earth
    • Take the sightseeing tour
    • Find your house
      • Some areas have the street view integrated
      • Search for specific places
        • Use Addresses
        • Use longitude and latitude for locations
        • View layers
          • Toggle between layers to see differences
          • Determine which layers you want to see
          • Understand the concept of tours
          • View the ocean
          • View the past

Google Applications for Education and Collaboration

This workshop will introduce participants to the suite of Google Applications that can share, edit, and save files to the Google Drive.  Applications include word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, application, form (survey), and drawing tools all of which provide real-time or asynchronization collaboration.  If you have a laptop, please bring it for demonstration.

Digital Resources You Can Use

Goal: Participants will access several resource sites for review and use in courses

Objectives: Participants will be able to….

  • Navigate within the Learning Registry (learningregistry.org)
    • Explore the Starter Resources
    • Review the sites which are linked within the Registry
    • Discuss the resources for education
    • Visit the National Archives, National Science Digital Library, Library of Congress, Smithsonian Education
    • Review how the discussion groups can be joined
    • Navigate within MERLOT
      • Review how to Browse Collections
      • Explore MERLOT-Learning Materials, Learning Exercises, Guest Experts
      • Locate resources to use with students
      • Decide on a method to tag resources for later use

Check Box: An Introduction to Surveys

This workshop is an introduction to the college’s survey application available to anyone on campus wishing to do a survey. Upon completion of this survey you will be able to:

  • check your credentials and permissions for creating a survey.
  • create folder making it easier to file and find your surveys.
  • create a new survey.
  • select the right types of questions to ask.
  • create efficient surveys.
  • create reports of your results

This workshop is for the novice or the occasional user. No experience is necessary.


Need to jot down a quick note on your iPhone or Android tablet? See a web page that you want to refer to later? Want to create a list of all of your music CDs so when you want to purchase more music, you know what you’ve got? Grocery lists, furnace filter replacement size, or anything that you need to store for future reference, Evernote is the application to use. It’s available on Macs, PCs, iPhones, tablets, etc. Come find out more about it and how you might use it.

E-Mail Retention and Taming Your Inbox 

Check out our Wiki on E-mail Retention.

This workshop will explain the reasons why the college is implementing this policy and best practices to help you meet the new guidelines. In this workshop you’ll learn about:

  • the importance of culling your inbox and sent mail folder.
  • simple ways to delete unwanted multiple message quickly.
  • determining what is the best way to archive your messages.
  • creating new folders for archival purposes.
  • creating rules to quickly process messages from your inbox and sent mail.
  • search techniques to help you find the archived messages you are looking for.
  • answers to other questions about “taming your inbox” in the future.

Outlook: Scheduling Meetings Quickly and Painlessly in Ten Minutes or Less

This workshop will provide you with a quick and easy way to schedule a meeting for any number of people quickly and painlessly.

  • You’ll learn the difference between an appointment and a meeting.
  • You’ll learn how to find the dates and that are the best for everyone.
  • You’ll be able to either attach an agenda to the meeting or include it in the meeting description.
  • You’ll learn how participants are notified about the meeting.
  • You’ll learn how to request feedback from invited participants.
  • You’ll do all of this and more in ten minutes or less.

Advanced Outlook

Come and learn how you can save time, prevent things from “falling through the cracks” or just want to make your life easier. If you only walk away with one idea from this workshop it will be worth your time. Take Outlook to the next level.

Creating web pages with iWeb for Mac

iWeb is a Mac application that makes creating web pages simple and easy.  You can then post your work on your own site provider or on the Canisius server.  If you have a Mac laptop feel free to bring it along but check to see if you have the iWeb application on your system.  If you have any questions, give Joe Rizzo a call at x8354.

*iPad User’s Group

The iPad Users Group meets in the second Friday of each month at 1:30 in Science Hall 1017. The purpose of this group is to share and explore the use of mobile devices on campus and off. This group is open to faculty and staff and for anyone using mobile technology or planning to do so. The group is moderated by Scott Clark and Joe Rizzo but is driven by the participants in the group. Learn about applications, uses in education, changes in mobile technology, and the fundamentals of mobile technology.

New to Macs Computers? Come and learn about making the Transition.

This workshop is designed for people who may be new to Mac Computers and are making the transition from a PC or for novice who want to learn more.

  • The session will begin with questions and answers. This will address those “burning issues” you may have that prevent you from enjoying the new experience.
  • Learn about keyboard shortcuts and resources to increase your productivity and get your work done quicker and easier.

*Our signature user’s groups meet on a regular basis. Any technology level user can attend at anytime. No signup is required. 

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